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The International Opera Institute (IOI) is a unique institute that prepares aspiring vocal artists to acquire the vocal and artistic knowledge and confidence to progress from student, to vocal artist, to performing on an opera stage. A vocalist who progresses from high school, to university, and/or conservatory develops many talents and much knowledge. They lack the vocal and artistic knowledge and confidence required by the opera companies. Their voice lessons are generally limited in this academic environment and the student graduates academically informed but without the trained voice the opera companies are seeking. The IOI fills that lack by providing vocal artists an individualized, hands-on program to complete their training and give them the vocal and artistic knowledge and confidence they need. The vocal artist and instructors develop the individualized lessons together according to individual needs of the vocal artist. The IOI recommends that the vocal artist have four or five vocal lessons each week.

We successfully prepare and elevate a select group of talented vocalists to the status of vocal artist. We endow them with the tools to confidently pursue their goal of singing with one of the worlds many renowned opera companies. We achieve educating the public and youth through outreach programs by using the vocal artists and at times professional singers by performing full operas; opera scenes; concerts; master classes; and providing course instruction at universities. “One lesson a week is not enough,” said Marilyn Horne, the star mezzo-soprano who now mentors young artists. “They don’t remember.” So the most important component of vocal training, the student-teacher relationship, is often the most arbitrary, or neglected.1 The IOI places the student-teacher relationship foremost and then performing in front of an audience next.